If You Want Healthcare Like John McCain’s, You Will Have To Vote For Democrats To Get It.

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Advocating for Universal Healthcare will have to begin with the party that is willing to legislate on behalf of the American people for healthcare.  The Republican Party is not that party. With the Republicans in charge of all branches of government there is nothing remotely being advanced by them for healthcare, nothing at all.  If they did offer something it would likely be woefully inadequate. The only party willing to talk about universal healthcare and legislate for it, is the Democratic Party.

In terms of the kind of healthcare likely preferred by the majority of Americans lets examine the type of healthcare that Senator John McCain enjoys.  He was kind enough to post pictures of his healthcare experience online.  Below are a few of those images:


John McCain, aka The Maverick, is seen here on a bench with his daughter and dog enjoying a nice desert scene – just kickin’ it.  He’s recovering from health issues that are being address by his taxpayer-funded healthcare.  Ever wonder why John McCain and his Republican party aren’t offering the rest of America this kind of healthcare option?  It’s because they aren’t concerned about our healthcare.  Republicans only care about their own personal healthcare at taxpayers’ expense. 

Meghan looks pretty damn happy doesn’t she?   If you want healthcare that will put a look on your face like these two, get on our bandwagon “To Get In The Way” for healthcare like John’s.

Here’s Big John again kick’n it in a river, sitting on a rock with a friend.  That is some good-looking taxpayer-funded healthcare he enjoys.

A light moment with The Maverick’s doctors/nurses team – 3 white looking women and is that a Muslim-looking male doctor over to John’s left?  Has Trump seen this picture?  Hey, you in the picture, the dark-skinned fella, since you are a Muslim-looking doctor, know that Trump doesn’t like John McCain at all.  ICE is probably on the way.  Don’t put it past Trump to have you detained just to get back at the Maverick.

In contrast to John McCain and his healthcare experience are these folks:

Outside senate offices during the recent healthcare debate. Unlike John McCain, these people don’t seem as happy.

This MAGA lady perhaps (red MAGA-looking cap in her right hand) is being carted out as well because she probably wants healthcare like John McCain.  Republicans don’t care about MAGA people either.

These folks don’t seem as happy as John McCain about their healthcare from the looks on their faces. If you want healthcare like John McCain enjoys, join our bandwagon to “Get In The Way” campaign for universal healthcare and vote for a Democrat everywhere.  The Platform promoted here addresses this and other major issues.

Democrats need to answer this simple question:


Their answer should be yes.  However, it’s the Democrats, notorious for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.   Will they kick a gifted horse in the mouth? We’ll have to see.

Watch this spot.

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