The Porn Star and Trump

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Republican Party, Trump's Misogyny | 0 comments

There’s a saying that goes like this – You are either entering a storm, in the middle of a storm, or coming out of a storm.  Trump seems to have been in and out of this storm on the regular back in the day and loved it.  Trump’s sidepiece and porn vixen, Stormy Daniels is in the news for a $130,000 hush-money payment to conceal their affair that happened in 2006 months after Trump married Melanie.  Of course, Trump can’t recall it at all.  However, pictures put them in the spot together at the time things were purportedly popping off between them. This is problematic for a man in Trumps position on several fronts and all of them are absolutely some of the worst positions to find your self in.  Here are the top two Stormy problems for Trump, Melanie one and Robert Muller, the Special Prosecutor two.  Some people are saying that Trump used leftover campaign funds to pay Ms. Daniels the $130,000.   That payment would be illegal if it happened that way.  Despite complete Republican support for whatever Trump might say, he will need a strong pimp-hand to pull out of this storm just in time to prevent an explosion between Melanie and his sidepiece Stormy Daniels.

Two questions:

  1. Is Melanie owed a #MeToo moment?
  2. Since Donald likes to objectify women, which woman would you say Trump would prefer?

I’ll be in touch.

The Man