Several Special Thanks

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Democratic Party, Universal Healthcare | 0 comments

A special thanks to the Democratic Party, the Free Press, the FBI, Alabama voters, women voters, the almost 100% of Black female voters for Democratic candidates and the hundreds of thousands of voters turning out to resist at rallies and demonstrations across the country to protest the Trump administration.

The Democratic Party – The Democratic Party continues to stand against the oppressive nature of Republican governance – cruelty, division, demonizing and destroying.  Where would we be as a nation if the Democrats were not there in opposition to the madness of the Republican Party governance?

The Free Press – Thanks for the great, sustained reporting pertaining to all the major issues of the day.


Alabama Voters Turn The State Blue – Democrat Doug Jones wins over a credibly accused child molester, Roy Moore.  

Women Voters – Women voters are energized to vote for Democrats everywhere.