Treat Republicans like they treat you and they won’t like it.

One year later, following the election of Donald Trump, the government shut down. The shutdown was avoidable because the Republicans control all branches of government. They control what happens regarding the government. There shouldn’t have been a need for Democratic votes to prevent a shutdown. However, that wasn’t the case. The Republicans skillfully got Democrats to vote with them to open the government and then skillfully blamed the Democrats for the shutdown. The Democrats seemly failed to have a solid defensive response for the foreseeable Republican blame game – a defense that should be in the headlines right now. Well, maybe it would be headline material momentarily and maybe not, given that Trump competes for “above-the-fold” real estate and gets it effortlessly.

Blown opportunity

With the State of the Union days away and the government shut down, the Democrats perhaps blew a chance for DACA. Democrats, imagine Trump having to explain the shutdown at his first state of the union address. That was a strategic spot to fight for and it didn’t happen. Now Trump gets to gloat about all the good things he’s done. If it were Mitch McConnell, and the script flipped and it was President Obama, McConnell would have walked-the-plank before resolving the shutdown, even if President Obama agreed to give Mitch whatever he wanted. No doubt, President Obama, community organizer and the truest troll of Osama Bin Laden, would have anticipated Mitch’s obduracy and responded in kind.


Democrats you’ve got to learn to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” effortlessly. (The Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.), Muhammad Ali said it back in the day when he was knocking out everybody and being defiant). We can provide answers and messaging for you at this site. For instance, regarding the “Wall” and billions of American taxpayers dollars to pay for it. Your message should be along this line and stick with it: Trump’s campaign promise was that Mexico would pay for the “Wall”, not the American taxpayer. Make Trump own that. Not one nickel of taxpayer money for a wall. Your base would love it. Then you say, “we Democrats want to take that “Wall” money and provide healthcare for Americans, the kind of healthcare John McCain is getting right now”. Tell Trump to make Mexico pay for the wall and stick with it. Say that for a while and see what happens. Democrats, if Mitch McConnell were in your spot he’d be in front of a bank of microphones everyday with his gang of thieves surrounding him spouting off at the mouth about Mexico paying for the wall and wouldn’t budge from that position.

If the shoe were on the other foot, Mitch McConnell and his crew would be in front of a bunch of microphones everyday shouting Mexico is suppose to pay for the wall, per the president’s campaign promise and we are not budging until Mexico makes a down-payment.  Treat Mitch and his crew the way he would treat you and they won’t like it.  Democrats be smart and say out loud “The American people don’t want to pay for that wall since Trump guaranteed that Mexico would pay.”

What’s being created?

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One question for Democrats:


Watch this spot.

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