Parkdale, Florida, locally known as Paradise, was rocked by the killing of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentines Day. The perpetrator of the carnage was a 19 year old former student.  His weapon of choice was an AR-15 type automatic assault weapon.  It was the same type automatic weapon that was recently used in the mass killing of 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas just 5 months ago.  He was able to purchase an assault rifle due to Florida’s lax gun laws.

There was the usual outrage. Thousands gathered to protest the tragedy, to make speeches and demand that lawmakers do something.  Among those thousands were voters who vote for Republican politicians who will hem and haw for a couple of days, offer prayers, condolences and a moment of silence from the halls of congress.   The furor will subside and nothing in the end will be done about guns everywhere.   That is the Republican plan – always to be unreasonable when it comes to enacting reasonable gun legislation.   The money and influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA) over Republican politicians wins out every time.  That happened after Columbine, Sandy Hook and most recently the Las Vegas slaughter and every other mass killing in between.   In the end the Republican party does the bidding of the NRA, which is to do absolutely nothing about preventing gun violence in a meaningful way whether that be new restrictive laws or a gun ban on automatic weapons whose sole purpose is to kill human beings.

This blog is here to let you know that there is something that can be done.  If the Republicans do the bidding of the NRA those of us who demand better gun laws can do the same thing, by voting as a block to elect Democrats across the country to enact reasonable gun laws.  It’s not complicated.  We cannot vote for a third party candidate nor not vote, because not voting is a vote for NRA/Republican influence over gun legislation.

We need momentum.  That’s why we ask that you sign up for our email and get on our band wagon to elect Democrats across the country during the upcoming mid-term elections.  The proposed platform on this site addresses many major issues that can be solved with the Democrats doing our bidding.

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