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Stormy Daniels Voids Non Disclosure Agreement

Apparently Michael Cohen, Donald’s Trump attorney and bag man to pay Trump’s sidepiece, Stormy Daniels $136,000 in hush money to not talk about an affair, has apparently bungled things like a Mr. Magoo-type caricature.  Ms. Daniels is not happy and is saying the President has violated the agreement. Trump didn’t sign the agreement and according to Ms. Daniels that voids the agreement.  She probably wants to sell her story and make all the money she can.  Cohen can’t shut her up.  There’s money to be made and Ms. Daniels has the President in a tough spot.  The President has three options, neither of which are good.  (1) He could ignore it and let it be and Ms. Daniels gets to tell her story and keep the money.  (2) He could enforce the agreement and haul her into court and that would become another spectacle with discovery and all or (3) his favorite strategy lie and say it never happened.  That will be hard for Trump to do because they were together around the time the affair likely happened.  See them here together.

Ms. Daniels probably can back up what’s she’s talking about.  Maybe she has some lurid pictures or a good video.  Mr. Cohen has gone to a secret arbiter to shut her up.  So far that’s not working, she’s still talking.

This affair was presumably going on right after the President’s present wife Melania had just given birth to their younger son.  Melania can’t be happy.  Departing Air Force 1 she keeps the hand nearest Trump busy with a purse or fixing a dress malfunction.  Family life around the Trump campfire can’t be good.

The money is still the problem because it may have violate Campaign Finance Laws.  The lawman that’s after Trump, Mr. Mueller is certainly to inquire about the payment.  The Trump team will need a good answer because Mueller ain’t playing.  On March 7, the spokesperson for the President, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders blundered and admitted that the President is directly involved with some kind of legal agreement with Ms. Daniels.

Ms. Huckabee-Sanders admitted that the President won in arbitration in a legal matter with Ms. Daniels, something the administration previously denied.  She also admitted that she does not know if the President had knowledge of the transaction which is probably a lie.  That admission is not good and will likely upset the President.

Be that as it may, the goal of this blog is to prepare to elect Democrats everywhere in the coming Midterm election.  With a majority of Democrats in both houses of Congress we can start governing in November.  We can also address the corrupt nature of this administration without the Republicans’ interference to protect the President in light of the laws he may be violating.  Sign up for our newsletter to get on the bandwagon to vote for Democrats everywhere.

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