Why the name The White Boys?

I’ve been in possession of this url for a while.  I felt that once used it would likely get some attention.  That attention puts this mission in your sights.  If you’re looking for a positive thing to do for America (vote for a Democrat everywhere), with minimum effort, this is the place.  Once here, read the message, agree and participate.

What about that one-party rule the Republicans will no doubt bring up?

If it’s the wrong party, one-party rule will never work.  That’s what we have right now.  Very few people are happy about where the Republicans have dragged us.  The wrong party is in charge.

You mention the “Pursuit of Happiness” as the moniker for the movement, why so?

Why not.  If we as a people expect happiness, society can do nothing but prosper. It’s included in the Declaration of Independence.  The framers of our Democracy were very smart people.  Let’s do it and find out.  Let’s pursue happiness.  Who would disagree with that other than a Republican?

Is it this site’s intent to only appeal to white people?

Absolutely not.  It’s bothersome that words to the effect of “middle-class white folks are angered and frustrated, they feel left out and feel the government is not responsive to them.”  You are not alone – blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans you name it they all feel the same way.  You are being affected by economic policies or lack thereof of Conservatism.  Republicans are screwing you and your children for generations to come with their policies.  Everybody is welcomed here.  Strength is in our diversity.

What about unionizing the workforce?

Fighting for safer working conditions and decent wages is a core concept of our unions.  When America prospered the most, unions were a major reason for that prosperity.  Republicans are doing everything in their power to undermine unions nationally.  We will get with the unions in the long run.  What we need right now is momentum.

What is the reason for the bandwagon?

The bandwagon is America at it’s best. It’s a trend that is so cool everyone wants to get in on it. If we could get everyone on the bandwagon that is power. I’ll drive and y’all hold down the back. I’ll speak for us on the matters enumerated above at the seat of power. We will be in the room. That would be powerful and we have every incentive to do it.

Who are you?

With this website name, who else could I be other than “The Man”