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Turning Out To Vote

Truth be told, we as a nation couldn’t be in a better spot than we are right now!  The Republicans are enabling Donald Trump and are refusing to govern, right before an election.  An election where we can decide to vote against them at every turn.  The Republicans are refusing to address health care in a meaningful way.  The Republicans refuse to introduce the legislation that would prevent Trump from ending the Russian Investigation.  Very little is being done on Russia’s attack on our election of 2016 and their imminent threat to the 2018 mid-terms.  Gun legislation will never happen with Republicans in charge.  We want to let the Democrats know that the cavalry is on the way.    an absolute outcome.    Republicans are in charge.  Just imagine if it were a Democrat doing this shit the Republicans would be calling for investigations non-stop.    address Donald Trumps ability to end the Mueller investigation is a sideshow.  Let him be.  No health care, being as racist as they can be His crew that’s on every news network  that keeps our eyes off the target.  The target is change for universal healthcare, DACA legislation, better gun laws, student debt relief.  One party is willing to give us what we want, the Democrats, and the other party, the Republicans, won’t.  Voting is the only way we are gonna change things. ...

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America Does Better Under Democrats

Donald Trump says it all in this video clip from an earlier interview with Wolf Blitzer.  America does better when the government is run by the Democratic Party.  He was referring to the administration of Bill Clinton and his predecessor Barrack Obama.  Although Obama wanted to govern with bi-partisan support, the Republicans weren’t having it.  On the night of his election a group of Republicans met and discussed ways to make him a one-term president but to no avail.  In that group was House GOP whip Eric Cantor and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell among others.  There strategy was all-out “no” to everything Obama.  “If he was for it,” former Ohio Senator George Voinovich explained, “we had to be against it.”  Republicans “had” to be against it.  What about the good of the country, Americans were saying when it was found out.  It’s widely believed that Obama’s race was the motivating factor. Republicans constantly play up their false narrative of an inclusive party.  But they are not.  The Republican party is by most accounts a party of white nationalist and if you are not white you are not right.  At the Conservative Political Action Conference in late February the communications director, Ian Walters, stated that Michael Steele was appointed chairman of the RNC only because “he was a black guy.” Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union wholeheartedly agreed with the...

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