Which school will be next to adorn it’s campus with the yellow tape wrapping following the slaughter of a significant number of it’s students and faculty?  Which kid or faculty member is next to be boxed and buried?  It’s been almost a week and the furor over the mass killings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is waning.  The funerals are continuing.  Beautiful shrines adorned with Teddy Bears, flowers, ribbons and notes to the murdered continue to grow.  The student reaction from across America is commendable.  They aren’t willing to see the issue fade away.  They’ve become young warriors in the fight to curb gun violence not only in our schools but at music venues, theaters or just an ordinary day at the park or just wherever you may be in America.  Because of their age, many of these young people lack the ultimate weapon against gun violence, but all of their parents do – the right to vote for the political party willing to legislate reasonable gun control laws.

Of course there’s the typical Republican responses.  Paul Ryan recommends not to be so quick to have a knee-jerk political reaction or Ted Cruz’s blame the Democrats for politicizing the murders.  Congressional Republicans offering prayers for the families of the victims.  At a White House listening session President Trump suggested arming teachers, anything for more guns.  The NRA loves it.  The Republican Party, doing the bidding for the NRA legislatively loves it as well.  The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre’s theory “To stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun,” didn’t work either.  LaPierre’s good guy gun guy showed himself to be a bonafide coward, was no help to the 17 victims.

Senator Christopher Murphy of Connecticut along with other Democrats are calling on the Republican-led congress to do something about guns, but to no avail.  It’s the same story over and over again.  The Republicans are hemming and hawing until the issue quietly goes away. The Democrats who lack the 60 votes to invoke cloture to end a filibuster on good gun legislation, are stuck.  So are we the people stuck as well, unless you want to get unstuck.

Stoneman Douglas and all the other students across America don’t despair.  There is a solution.  The solution is to block vote for Democrats everywhere.  This blog knows, as well as others, its the Republican Party enabling Trump and Putin to destroy our institutions and undermine our democracy. “The Republican Party, as an institution, has become a danger to the rule of law and the integrity of our democracy. The problem is not just Donald Trump; it’s the larger political apparatus that made a conscious decision to enable him.  To counter that “apparatus” of Trump, the Russians, the NRA and Republicans we get the word out that there’s a bandwagon forming and that everyone needs to get on it, virtually.  A bandwagon to “Get In The Way” for gun control in this case.

Signing up for our newsletter gets you a ticket on the “Get In The Way” bandwagon.  We need momentum going into the midterm election and what better way to do it than bandwagoning it. We need to keep pertinent issues front and center of our national consciousness throughout the next 7 months, unrelentingly.  There is an alternative to boxing and burying your kids and that is to block vote for Democrats everywhere for better gun laws.  Watch this spot.

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The Man

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